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Why use a Dowser?

The benefits of a Borehole Survey by a Dowser prior to drilling can make the process more cost
effective and productive in the long term.

An initial remote map dowsing survey can give a good indication of what water sources there
might be in the area.

A follow up site visit and a comprehensive survey can produce the following details generally
unavailable prior to drilling.

• Assess a suitable location for the borehole

• Seek volumes of water and of a quality as required by the client

• The approximate depth of the water source

• A guide to the PH balance, mineral content & chemical content of the water

• Look to find a continuous water source with limited seasonal variation

Borehole data if available within the vicinity and geological mapping is also used to back up

Although the borehole results can never be absolutely guaranteed it is good preparation work and
an aid to the drilling company.

Please contact me if you would like further information.

Water Dowsing Certificate from Master Water Diviner - Peter Taylor

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