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Petersfield Hampshire - Geopathic Stress Survey & Clearing


Thank you very much for your report and clearing.

I have been quite calm and optimistic this week and my intuition seems acute and almost telepathic with my daughter and my partner. I'm experiencing new insights everyday and being at ease with the flow. 

I like this newly found peace in me. I have started meditating again too and I'm looking forward to seeing the positive changes around me.


I will keep you posted!

A while later she wrote...

Since you cleared my house, I've had some positive changes and shifts in my mental attitude so thought I would let you know. 

I used to have a tendency to overthink and expect catastrophic outcomes and let myself into such a state. Now I can't find that place anymore.

It's a weird feeling, I can't tune into that vibration so I just let it go.


I'm more light hearted and am feeling blissful almost everyday.


I have started meditating everyday again and have set up a group with friends to share guided meditation.

The relationship with my partner has settled and deepened at an emotional level. I'm feeling healthy and fit and sleeping well.


Last week, my mentor for the healing course came to my house and she said the house felt lighter. 

My daughter has become calm and motivated and pleasure to be around. 

Well,what else can I say... I can't thank you enough. It's been a wonderful transformation for us.


Thank you so much.

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