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Documented as early as the 16th century in Germany, Dowsing has been used by humankind for eons in the search for water, metal ore and precious metals or gemstones.

It has long been debated as to the validity of dowsing and the results it produces. There have been many scientific studies to prove or disprove it’s efficacy.


German studies done in the late 80’s showed that a proficient dowser could produce results that were beneficial and accurate.

How does a Dowser get the information?

The generally accepted process can be equated to a radio transmitter and receiver. The experienced dowser will form a specific question relating to the subject concerned.


This question is then sent out and transmitted as energy / information / thought / prayer - whichever you might choose.

Where does it go?

As the inspirational and well renowned master water diviner - ‘ George Applegate ‘ once said of the universal mind.

‘ No man or object is an Island on it’s own ‘


By this he means that we as humans and all of matter is interconnected. I prefer to call it the ‘Universal Consciousness ’.

So, the question has been sent and it finds it’s target, perhaps a water source, missing person,

whatever it might be.


The information is collected from the target and transmitted back to the Dowser who is now

acting as a receiver of the energy / information / thought.

It is the experienced Dowsers ability to interpret this information either through the medium of a reaction to a dowsing rod or pendulum perhaps to the given answer to the original question.

A simplistic but common example would be the phone call, ‘ Oh, I was just about to call you ‘ or ‘I was just thinking about you and there you are on the phone’.

The energy from one person with the ‘ INTENT ‘ to call the other has been transferred and connected the two.

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